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Specialising in London fashion logistics, we provide bespoke services and solutions, ensuring seamless, efficient forwarding for fashion companies.


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Efficient E-Commerce Fashion Logistics in London

Fashion E-commerce and Logistics: Meeting the Demands of Online Shoppers

Our B2B & B2C solutions are crafted to address these demands, ensuring seamless inventory management, efficient shipping, and the careful handling of high-value fashion merchandise. We pride ourselves on offering scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of businesses, whether they’re emerging brands or established fashion houses.

For wholesalers, retailers, and brands operating in the digital sphere, the right logistics partner can make all the difference. We understand the complexities of B2B e-commerce, from managing bulk orders to ensuring timely deliveries for business operations. By optimizing the supply chain and prioritizing both efficiency and care, we empower businesses to promise, and deliver, excellence to their own clientele.


Fashion is not just about style; it’s about ensuring that every piece, from haute couture dresses to luxury handbags and designer shoes, reaches its destination in flawless condition. Our Fashion Freight Forwarding service recognizes this intricate dance, offering bespoke solutions that bridge the iconic fashion hubs of Paris, Milan, and Tokyo to the UK seamlessly.

Understanding the nuances of fashion shipping is our forte. Every shipment, be it delicate silks or trending accessories, is handled with utmost care and professionalism. Choose a logistics partner that resonates with the rhythm of global fashion.


Explore our tailored logistics solutions for fashion items, from designer wear to luxury accessories. We excel in fashion inventory management and fast fashion logistics, including next-day delivery, ensuring optimal storage and seamless B2C fulfillment. Our services are designed to uphold product integrity and enhance the luxury customer experience.

Fashion Product Logistics & Handling Storage Solutions End-to-End B2C Fulfillment
Designer Dresses Delicate fabric handling, secure garment bags to prevent wrinkling, moisture-free packing. Climate-controlled zones, individual hanging areas, anti-static conditions. Luxury delivery with branded packaging, expedited shipping options.
Premium Handbags Shock-resistant packaging to maintain shape. Leather and suede protection. Custom shelving units for upright storage, humidity control, 24/7 surveillance. Direct-to-doorstep with tracking, signature confirmation upon delivery.
High-End Jewelry Secure cushioned containers for fragile pieces, theft prevention measures. Restricted access zones, velvet-lined storage boxes, inventory checks. Premium unboxing experience, special care instructions included.
Limited Edition Shoes Individual boxes with reinforced corners, moisture-wicking packs to preserve materials. Shoe racks for proper alignment, controlled temperature to maintain adhesive quality. Branded boxes, option for gift wrapping, quick dispatch.
Fashion Accessories Fragile handling for sunglasses and scarves, protective casings for belts and watches. Compartmentalized storage for easy access, dust-free conditions, periodic quality checks. Themed packaging aligning with fashion trends, personalized notes.


What Is Fashion Logistics?

Fashion logistics encompasses the tailored management of a fashion brand’s supply chain, from inventory management and warehousing to global freight forwarding and transport, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of fashion goods.


Fashion logistics is an integral part of the fashion industry, encompassing a wide array of services from fashion supply chain management to the final delivery of products. It involves specialised logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs of fashion items, ensuring their efficient and timely transport, particularly in fast-paced sectors like fast fashion.

In London, a key hub for fashion logistics, companies focus on providing bespoke logistic solutions for fashion brands. This includes managing fashion inventory, essential for tracking and distributing products efficiently. Fashion logistics forwarders are crucial in this process, especially in freight forwarding for luxury fashion, where precision and care are paramount.

Globally, fashion logistics extends to handling the complexities of international transport, including customs and regulatory compliance. This global reach is vital for fashion logistics companies, ensuring the smooth movement of fashion items across borders.

Fashion warehousing and inventory management are also critical, providing secure storage and effective stock management. These services, combined with strategic fashion transport, enable the seamless flow of goods from production to consumers, highlighting the dynamic interplay between logistics and fashion.

What customs procedures should be followed when importing products to the UK?

When importing products to the UK, businesses need to ensure they have a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number, classify their goods according to the UK Trade Tariff, determine the value of their imports, and declare them to customs using the appropriate system. It’s essential to pay any import VAT, duty, or other charges that might apply. Furthermore, there might be specific requirements or licenses for certain types of goods.

What insurance options are offered when shipping my products to the UK?

We offer a range of insurance options tailored to your needs, including All Risk, Total Loss Only, and Free of Particular Average. Each option provides different levels of protection against potential damage, loss, or theft during transit. It’s recommended to choose an insurance type based on the value and nature of your goods.

Do you provide product distribution and warehousing services within the UK?

Yes, we offer comprehensive distribution and warehousing services throughout the UK. Our state-of-the-art warehouses in key locations ensure efficient storage, and our vast distribution network ensures timely delivery to your customers or retail outlets.

What are the potential taxes or additional costs I might encounter when sending products to the UK?

Yes, we understand the importance of brand presentation and product safety. We offer customized packaging solutions that not only ensure the protection of your products during transit but also align with your brand’s image and guidelines. This includes branded packaging, eco-friendly options, and specialized packaging for delicate or high-value items.

Which countries are the most popular for B2B fashion logistics, and what freight options do you provide for these destinations?

The global fashion industry has several key players, and some of the most prominent countries in B2B fashion logistics are Italy, known for its luxury brands and leather goods; France, celebrated for haute couture; Spain, with its fast-fashion giants; the USA, a hub for diverse fashion trends and sizable markets; and China, a significant producer and emerging designer powerhouse. These countries not only dominate the fashion scene but also heavily influence supply chains, leading to a high demand for specialized logistics solutions.

To cater to these specific demands, we provide a suite of freight options tailored to each destination and product type. For urgent deliveries or high-value items like designer wear, air freight is often the preferred choice. In contrast, sea freight is a reliable solution for bulk shipments, including textiles or mass-produced apparel. Additionally, road freight offers a strategic advantage for transportation within continents, especially in Europe, ensuring efficient delivery to warehouses, retailers, or direct to other businesses. Our comprehensive approach ensures that fashion products, regardless of their origin or destination, reach their intended location in pristine condition and within the desired timeframe.